Dhruv and Devika’s La Jolla Beach Proposal

A picnic with Little Picnic & co is a sure way to convince your girlfriend to not only marry you but move across the country with you. Dhruv and Devika came to San Diego for the weekend from Chicago. He said that they would spend the weekend looking for a place to live, but little did she know he had a planned proposal up his sleeve. We were fortunate to have great weather with just the right amount of clouds to give the beach a romantic vibe. I was pretending to be a beachgoer when Dhruv got down on one knee. After the proposal on La Jolla Beach, we headed to the water for a small engagement session. Dhruv and Devika were all smiles as the sunset over the water. It was an amazing proposal and I was so excited for both of them.

La Jolla Beach Proposal

The Picnic

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The Engagement Session

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Morgan McCanne Photo – Photography for the hopless in love and the adventerous